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PRR/Seattle City Light

Together, we’re powerful

Everybody In

This is our home. Our Seattle. Our Skagit Valley, and Bellevue, and everywhere in-between.

We’re part of a whole. Pacific Northwest. This is ours.

Our place, where everybody’s in. Under the Seattle rain, or that incredible August sun. Rain, sun—both fuel our spirits…and our homes.
We make smart choices. That’s Seattle. That’s us.

Seattle City Light is the nation’s greenest utility. We live sustainability. So, it’s no wonder we offer the cleanest electricity than any other city in the United States, overwhelmingly generated by renewable hydropower. We care about protecting fish and wildlife habitat. We care about reducing the environmental and cultural impact of our utility operations. That’s Pacific Northwest. It’s in our bones, in the trees, in our water. It’s who we are, and how we live.

And this happened long before conservation was considered cool. We’re OG Green. Yes, we said that. Because it’s true.
Proud to offer the longest-running energy conservation program in the nation—since 1977.

This is our light. Our power. Our environment. Our planet, and future.
Our people. Pacific Northwest. We are bright. Eclectic. Caring.

We Power Seattle, delivering affordable electricity that lights our neighbors’ homes and energizes one of the world’s most innovative business communities.

We are Seattle City Light. Let’s light it up, together.