Web copy, Newsletter copy, Mobile push notifications, Abandon cart subject lines—all following strict voice guidelines.

Promo copy, following strict voice guidelines.

Email copy, following strict voice guidelines.

Mobile push copy, promos

Gone in a flash (📸 Camera With Flash Emoji) Choose 4 FREE GIFTS: 4 8x10 art prints, 4 luggage tags or 4 sets of address labels. Hurry, ends tomorrow. Code: GIFTS4ALL.

(🏃 ♀ Woman Running Emoji) Act fast, NAME! Today only, get 10 FREE cards. Plus, up to 50% off gifts for Mom-ends today. Show Mom she's loved! CODE: NOTEWORTHY ❤️

(🎉 Party Popper Emoji) NAME, it's finally here! Best Sale of the Season-enjoy up to 50% off EVERYTHING-photo books, cards, gifts + decor! Hurry, this won't last! Code: BEST

Great news, NAME (🌻Sunflower Emoji ) Pick 2 fab FREEBIES-notebook, puzzle or placemat.Hurry, ends at midnight! CODE: YOUPICK

(🌸 Cherry Blossom Emoji ) Freebie alert! (🌸 Cherry Blossom Emoji) Pick 2 to celebrate Spring-notebook, puzzle or placemat. Hurry, ends at midnight! CODE: YOUPICK

(🌸 Cherry Blossom Emoji) Best Sale of the Season Extended (🌼 Blossom Emoji)
There's still time! Up to 50% off EVERYTHING during our Best Sale of the Season. Save on photo books, cards, gifts + decor. Ends tomorrow.

❤️Mom's Day App Exclusive🎁Gift Mom a FREE reusable bag-today ONLY & enjoy 50% off EVERYTHING + an extra 20% off. Hurry, last day for economy shipping!

💗💗WOW, magnetic FREEBIES!
Today ONLY-find your fav pics for 10 FREE MAGNETS. Plus, enjoy unlimited free 4x4 and 4x6 prints only on the app.

(⏳ Hourglass Not Done)Tick-tock!
For the 1st time 48% off EVERYTHING-48 hours only. Plus, FREE 16x20 print + 2 free 8x10 prints. Code: FORTYEIGHT

(📱iphone emoji) Get 1 FREE phone case-$44.99 value. Plus, FREE reusable bag + notepad. CODE: ROYAL

✨Only a few left -1 FREE desktop plaque✨+ FREE set of coasters & 1 mouse pad. Hurry-use code 3FREEBIES

🎉Pick 3 FREEBIES! 🎉Yours-1 FREE set of playing cards, 1 notebook & 1 puzzle. Ends soon-use code 3GIFTS.

FREE set of coasters-app ONLY. Plus, up to 50% OFF EVERYTHING. Code: BESTDAD 🏆

Abandon Cart subject line copy. Trigger sent to consumer who abandoned an item/s in cart, but has not purchased.

Approach 1: Disruptive using question with no promo:
Did you forget your masterpiece?
Wait! Did you forget something special?
SWOON Did you forget this?
Don’t forget…b/c we’re OBSESSED with your

Approach 2: Disruptive using question + promo:
[name], is this your cart? It’s now on sale!
Hurry, your cart’s on sale!
Quick! Now take 40% off your order!
Act fast! Apply this sale to your order.
Smile, your cart’s on sale!
Is this your order? It’s now on sale!
Hurry! SALE + your cart = happiness
Hi there! Add this SALE to your order.
Did you forget? Your cart’s on SALE!

Approach 3: Disruptive without using a question + promo:
[Name] you deserve 40% off at checkout!
< sparkle emoji, red pepper emoji, money bag emoji, smiling face with heart eyes emojis> super hot savings
this sale is
You’ll love this SALE
a sale better than , healthier than
<fire emoji,money-mouth face emoji > SPECIAL DELIVERY
ONLY for the sale-obsessed
super special sale for you
<3 red hot peppers> major savings
Great news (name)! Your offer’s inside…
You’ll this sale
Special savings. Because you’re amazing.
<lightning bolt emoji, money bag emoji, lightning bolt emoji, money bag emoji >
Good things ahead a.k.a. SALE <party popper emoji, balloon emoji, bright sun emoji, heart emoji>

Approach 4: Helpful language + promo:
Your cart’s amazing. Come say hi.
We’ve got you. Here’s what’s in your cart…
THIS. Totally worth a second look.
Oh hi. You left a few things behind.
You did good <finger pointing emoji, pointing to the right>
Psst…you left this in your cart!
Psst…You’ve left something behind. Plus, a special offer.
especially this SALE…

Saved Project – Trigger sent to consumer who saved a project/s, but has not purchased.

Approach 1: Using question to engage and grab customer’s attention:
Got a minute? Great, complete your project!
Come back! Complete your creation < red heart emoji>
Best ever creation? We think so. Finish up!
Ready to finish your masterpiece?
Remember your awesome (project name)?
Ready to finish your creation?
Remember this awesomeness?
“Did I forget something?” We’ve got you.

Approach 2: Disruptive using question + promo:
Excited about [finishing] your project? We are too-Take 40% off
Take 40% off? Yes, really.
Because your (project) looks , your special offer awaits!
Let’s celebrate! Wrap it up with your special offer!
REWARD: 40% off for your creativity
This sale is SO you.
Because we you. 40% to spend on your (project name).
Spend this savings on your (project name)
Because you’re SO creative… special offer inside

Approach 3: Disruptive without using a question + promo:
[idea lightbulb emoji] [ sparkle emoji] Note to self: finish this project! [ sparkle emoji] [ heart emoji]
Looks great! Come back + complete your [project name]
Your creation has heart. So…finish this beauty!
Your story is meaningful. Don’t delay, finish your (project name)!
Current obsession: Your (project name). Wrap it up!
Seriously, finish your (project name)! Because it’s amazing.
Fab folks finish things. You’ve got this…
SO genius. You’ve got to finish this…
Awww. Super cute! Finish your project now.
Agreed. Your (project) is special. Complete it now at 40% off!

New Approach 4: Disruptive and alluding to promo (without spelling it out):
You don’t want to miss out – special offer
SO pretty! Quick, finish your (project) with this special offer!
SO heartfelt! Quick, finish your (project) with this special offer!
Your project REALLY shines. Add those final touches-at 40% off!
Your wallet will thank you