Southern Oregon University

At Southern Oregon University I directed social media strategy, content development, and conceptualized social media campaigns to recruit and retain students within Marketing’s new Social Media Department.

I was hired to build the social department from the ground up and within a few months on campus I was asked to guest teach classes on social media strategy by faculty and department chairs in SOU’s Business School, Communication/Journalism Department, and EMDA (Digital Arts) Department. I also p​resented social media audit recommendations and campaign results to the President and the President’s Cabinet.

The work I did at SOU received external reconition. My blogs ​8 #HESM Content Creation Ideas​ ​and ​#SOU2014 #Selfie Case Study​ ​were featured​ ​on higher education ​blog​, ​Social Media For Colleges, ​curated by Assistant Director of Media Relations at the University of Portland


I collaborated closely with Senior Graphic Designer on copy/visual stories.
My process is to pull inspiration from visual culture, the competition, and current visual trends, and then work to innovate from there.




I developed content and managed one student worker to tell the story of SOU life via personal narratives. Examples: The ​Snapshot of SOU Style​ Series created sharable visual content that resonated with students, parents, and alumni, and The Snapshot of SOU Sustainability celebrated the Center for Sustainability on campus and raised awareness of the STAR award (Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System) SOU was awarded by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE)..

I created UGC campaigns on Instagram and Facebook to expand SOU's reach.

The ​SOU YOU Giveaway​ launched the University’s Instagram account. The Facebook winner post received 14,000 impressions.

The #LovingSOU Giveaway had a 99% entry rate, and the #SOU2014 #Selfie #Graduation initiative built a visual record of college completion on Instagram

Blog post that outlines the process of creating the SOU YOU Giveaway:

Giveaway Announcement Post:

SOU You Giveaway
Votes on the 5 Finalists on Facebook - on average, each image received 130 likes.

SOU You Giveaway
Votes on the 5 Finalists on Instagram - on average, each image received 50 likes.

Blog post that outlines process of creating the #LovingSOU Giveaway:

Announcement post on Instagram:

Blog post outlining process of creating Selfie Graduation Campaign:

Selfies at Graduation regrammed on @SouAshland Instagram Page: